BURNING: The Inner Symphony of Fire (The Complete Set)

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Burning: The Inner Symphony of Fire is a life changing three volume book series strategically designed to stimulate creative thought, self-discovery, inner awareness, and divine unity.

Dr. Billy Alsbrooks has ingeniously married poetry, motivation, personal development, and biblical principles into these timeless masterpieces of art. His prose and profound prophetic teachings are explosive mind grenades, spiritual atomic bombs, and emotional shifting tsunamis created to wash away everything lukewarm.

Destiny has intentionally brought this set across your path to prepare you with the knowledge, understanding, and revelation required to shape your future. Each symphonic page is structured in way that will activate the inner music, open creative doors, destroy old limiting beliefs, and usher in a higher level of existence.


Over 1250 Success Wisdom Quotes 

Over 360 Self-Assessment Questions

Over 230 Poems / Poetic Symphonies 

62 Daily Devotionals

62 Positive Affirmations 

62 Inspirational Messages

11 Motivational Speeches that Shook the World

The Blessed and Unstoppable Manifesto

The Fire Truth Music Manifesto

The FTM Creed: The Relationship Oath and Pledge to Burn